24 de Marzo de 2023

IASE Appoints New Chair of its Ethics Committee

IASE is proud and honored to announce that Robert Souster recently joined its Board as an independent director and Chairperson of the Ethics Committee, effective 7 February 2023.

Robert is a partner with Susan Souster in Spruce Lodge Training, a Northampton-based education and training consultancy. He has led a distinguished career spanning over 3 decades, mostly dedicated to people development, of which ethics has formed a strong component. Robert is also an accomplished author, with over 20 publications to his name. He is the Module Director for ‘Professional Ethics and Regulation’ on the Chartered Banker MBA program at Bangor University, Wales.

He holds a BA (Economics) Degree from the University of Nottingham and is a Fellow of the Chartered Banker Institute, holding Chartered Banker designation. He has lectured extensively on law, governance and management subjects in Europe and Asia and is an examiner for accountancy and banking institutes.

On his appointment, IASE Chairwoman, Carmen-Daniela Micu said, “I am confident that completing the team with Bob, guarantees that we will have the necessary depth and breadth of needed knowledge and know how to further build on our competitive advantage and strengthen our Ethics Committee.”.

Robert takes over the portfolio of the retiring Prof. Charles Munn, who served IASE so admirably since its founding in 2021.

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