31 de May de 2023

CEO resignation announcement.

International Association for Sustainable Economy Announces Resignation of Karim Zoudhi as CEO.

Press Release CEO resignation


Release Date: 31 May, 2023

Subject: International Association for Sustainable Economy Announces Resignation of Karim Zoudhi as CEO.

London, Wednesday, 31 May 2023: The Board of IASE today announced the resignation of its CEO, Mr. Karim Zouhdi.


Mr Zoudhi has played an important role before, during and after the founding of IASE Global network, including as its first Chief Executive Officer since 2020.
The IASE Global Board Chairperson, Mrs Carmen-Daniella Micu, speaking on behalf of the IASE Board of Directors said, “It is with sadness that we announce that after 3 years of service, Karim Zoudhi, the founding CEO of IASE Global, has resigned from his position as Chief Executive Officer, to pursue other interests. We are thankful to Karim for the energy, vision, passion, and dedication to our organization and the global ESG Community these past 3 years.”
Carmen continued, “Karim’s leadership was instrumental in the rapid global expansion of IASE’s ESG certification programmes and in the positioning of its ISB® and ISF® certification marks as accepted symbols of excellence in the ESG profession. Thank you, Karim, for your past and continued support of IASE vision and mission of setting international best-practice standards for the ESG profession. We wish you the best in all your future endeavours”.

The Board takes the opportunity to appreciate its CEO commitment and expresses its thanks for his services, wishing him every success in his future endeavours.
IASE Board of Directors is in the process of nominating the new executive director, the IASE Executive Committee, led by the IASE Board Chairperson, will continue providing executive leadership support to the Association until the onboarding of the new executive.
“We have a passionate and professional Board and EXCO team, and I have every confidence in their ability to achieve the strategic change of IASE in attaining the required level to manage the contemporary challenges that lie ahead.” Micu concluded.


About IASE

With headquarters in London, United Kingdom, The International Association for Sustainable Economy (IASE) is a global standard-setting body for the ESG profession. Founded in 2020, IASE benefits the global public and ESG professionals by setting best practice certification and competency standards for the practice of ESG.
Through its twin certification programmes – INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE FINANCE® (ISF®) and INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE BUSIENSS® (ISB®), – IASE also provides a pathway for students and practitioners entering the ESG career to become ESG experts across all economic sectors.
Work with its membership organisations and their affiliates, IASE’s certification programme is currently in over thirty countries and four continents of the world.



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